Sunday, June 3, 2012

bigger wishes

In a previous post I shared that I made a post-it wishlist. Two from the list have already been fulfilled (in only a matter of days) so I have updated the list with much optimism and anticipation. This time I added bigger wishes such as:

  • shopping for learning books in Amazon : because most learning books are not in Kindle such as textbooks required for many online university courses, hence for these I need to allot budget for safe shipping and the books themselves are also more expensive than the regular fiction and self-help 
  • a degree in literature and writing : this would be a second degree since I already have one in Communication which I got from college. However I have always wanted to study literature and creative writing and I almost shifted courses when I was in university, except that I had to consider which course would open up more job opportunities so I could help out my parents (I was born lower-middle class so there's a lot of need I would have to fulfill).  I am open to either an online course or attend actual classes. My most pressing challenge now in this arena is the tuition budget so I'm looking into a plan for that.
  • publish an e-book : this one has been something that has played in my head since I was in my early twenties. Even my friends who are familiar with my writing have encouraged me to pursue this path. I have the beginnings of a collection of material and I just need to allot serious time and work on it. Also the budget for self-publishing it.
  • a solid savings system : this post-it is not visible in the photo but it's there. Being breadwinner and supporting two households (my parents' and my own), my cash flow is pretty heavy (mostly flowing outwards) and it has been really tough to keep a safety savings account plus a savings account for the stuff I personally need (such as getting an extra degree). But since I have been distilling my life I have been continuously finding better ways to simplify and free up budgets for re-allocation. It's a process that takes time and the progress can be sometimes difficult to discern but after almost a month I believe I am really seeing improvements. 

I have made lots of lists and to-dos in my life and this is but another that helps refresh my perspectives and renew my hopes that there is something worthwhile in following our heart and the call of our own spirit. In many ways I have witnessed how the universe conspires to bring to us what we need for things to happen, from the smallest seemingly insignificant matters to the life-transforming ones. Never lose hope!

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