Friday, August 10, 2012

random thoughts

This little piece is a combination of ink and watercolor on Moleskine.

I really love Merida's (from the film Brave) hair. I miss my big wavy hair from when I was younger. Now my hair just falls straight with suggestions of a few waves.

I am intending to revive snail mailing and I have started asking for people's snail mail addresses. I realized that I do not know anyone's snail mail address.

"and so to bed" is a phrase from one of the short essays from A Gardener's Bedbook which got me started recently on a path of gardens and exploring botanical art and also, in some strange connection, medieval letter art and calligraphy including illuminative art.

My grandmother has been sick and I will be visiting her today to cheer her up.

I've been on a slump for the past 2-3 days and mostly I was doing my best to crawl out uphill on a slippery slope to avoid the pits of sadness. I suspect I was gravely affected by the stresses from work and also the storms that raged through and flooded the city. I was relatively safe and comfortable through it all but the news of the devastations, including the death of animals that could not be saved, were really saddening.

On a brighter note, the sun is out this morning.

Today is unplanned chore day. Because I have been lethargic and sluggish and sad I have not been productive much. But today I am feeling better so I need to clean up.

A fresh round of clutter-clearing is so far the best remedy for combatting dark clouds over one's own head.

A trip to the supermarket and the second-hand bookstore always cheers me up.

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  1. I've decided you need to wait until a certain point in your life to ask for people's addresses - otherwise they're all moving every 6 months, and then you constantly have the wrong address. I think I'm almost at the point where I can ask... I give it two more years..