Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's a working week

I have a big and important report due on the 31st and I am also simultaneously working on a proposal for a potential big project. In other words, I am busy with none of the stuff I usually do like writing creative stuff and painting and reading. Well, I do get to sneak them in a few times but until I send off that big report I would have to console myself with snippets instead of delicious long uninterrupted hours.

Here are a few happy snaps from the past few days:

I hoarded books when my favorite bookstore went on sale over the weekend.

I got myself sweet yellow watermelons plus a lot of other fruits so I'm eating healthy while working.

I've been having lots of coffee too and it is helping to keep me sane during the long work haul.

I've also been listening to my old vintage records every morning and sometimes I keep them playing while I think. Current favorite is the album Italian Songs Everybody Knows by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation even while I'm working.

I miss painting. I did manage to sneak a few this afternoon and I will post them tomorrow.

How are you doing with your week?

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  1. That's true, there haven't been as many paintings recently!! Also - I like the fact that you're listening to Italian Songs everybody knows, as an Italian, I'm kind of intrigued by this. Things over here are going well, crazy as usual with travel and work - but I'm excited that things are starting to calm down again :)