Sunday, June 3, 2012

beach trip : days 2-4

The next two days were social days. I spent much of the time meeting up with friends who were also attending the wedding. I did not get to take photos because I was too intent on conversing and catching up.

I did take photos in the mornings and in-between meet-ups usually as I took long walks along the beach.

I also discovered a resort that I would like to stay in next time. It's called Nami (the japanese word for "wave") and it's right next to Spider House.

Nami Resort is the one with the layered rooms and very prominent on the rocky hill. They have an elevator that takes  guests to the restaurant which offers a fantastic view.
At the wedding reception I received a bouquet of flowers from the bride (who has been my friend since college). Instead of throwing out her bouquet, she had special bouquets made for selected single friends. I think that was a really sweet and thoughtful gesture.

My sister was due to arrive on the fifth day to join me while my friend Eric left for Manila on Saturday to catch up on work. I spent my solo time by reading and walking along the beach and pondering on many, many things.

Next: Vacation and bonding time with my sis!

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  1. Oh my goodness, these places look heavenly. I need a vacation.