Friday, June 1, 2012

hey i'm back!

As luck would have it, the presentation I have been spending long sleepless nights on was postponed at the very last minute. It has been moved to next week so you can imagine my relief as I crammed the last few slides and panicked about anything that I might have missed to include.

During one of those sleepless nights I kept myself awake by drawing a wishlist on post-its and putting them around my computer screen like a frame. I also thought to motivate myself with the promise of these things if I do a really good job.

The day after I drew these, I received an invite from La Senza (as if on cue!), the lingerie store from where I want to buy new pretty stuff (see 4th post-it). They have a one-day sale the following day starting at 5PM only and they will be offering double the number of items for the same price. So for the usual price for a set of 5, you get 10. How's that for motivation?

And while I was at the mall I thought, why not check out eyeglass frames so I know how much to save up for in the next few months? Eyeglass frames, especially the pretty ones, usually cost about Php2,000 and above. The really really nice ones are branded (like Cynthia Rowley and Betsey Johnson) can cost more than Php10,000. I was only hoping for something within the range of Php3,000 and less, and preferably on sale. And I really wanted something as close to cats-eye as possible.

And then I found these and they only cost...


Need I say that I grabbed it? Plus a purple one that's not catty but it's thick-rimmed enough to be retro-flavored. Also at Php350. (For those interested, you can find them at Executive Optical in Megamall). The lenses were at a big discount so I got a double bargain. I also had my eyes checked and my lenses corrected for astigmatism (something about the curve of my eyes not being smooth so it causes blurry lines).

I also finally got some family time since I was practically imprisoned in my own home for days as I worked on the report. I took my family to dinner the other night and today I took my mom out to lunch and bought her a pair of sandals. I also could not resist this lovely bag on sale at 50% off. Besides, I used shopping points to purchase it so I did not actually spend any cash. ;)

Today and tomorrow will be spent cleaning the house and catching up on a lot of personal matters that have been put on hold while I worked. With my new purchases, I will need to see what I can, in turn, let go of for selling or charity.

Next posts : my beach trip last May and my photography workshop :)

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  1. Love the frames! I had to do the conversion to understand exactly how cheap we're talking - I'm impressed, very impressed, what great luck!! Also, yay for cheap lingerie. <3

    Good luck working on the presentation for an extra week!!