Saturday, October 27, 2012

a summary of September

I hardly made any posts in September but I realize that quite a lot of interesting things happened.

-  I painted a lot in September. Much more than I have ever painted in my whole life.
-  I found my long lost glass dip pen.
-  I received an unexpected gift of a vintage fountain pen from a friend.
-  I watched The Help with my mom and my sis at my place one Thursday afternoon and we had a happy time.
-  I made delicious Southern Fried Chicken (inspired by the movie).
-  I bought a tin of fruit-flavored loose leaf tea.
-  I invested in a small box of gouache.
-  My family and I went to the annual book fair and we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant. My sister and I shared our favorite affogado dessert.
-  My sister and I attended the Bloom Arts Festival where I ran into an old crush, got four new books, and had free dinner, coffee, and dessert.
-  My sister and I had a three-day garage sale to help raise some extra cash. I had ice cream and ate lots of street food.
-  My mom, sister, and I attended the ceremony where my grandmother received an award for being the oldest woman in town. She is 91.
-  I single-handedly cooked lunch for four including baking a fruit pie for my dad's birthday.
-  I got my first Fashionary notebook.
-  I finished reading two books: The Sensualist by Barbara Hodgson, On Writing by Stephen King.
-  I wrote a lot and finished a notebook so I started a new one.
-  I had a few work meetings for potential projects.

How was your September?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Open Sign

I posted this on my Facebook today. I am now considering day-job options in line with the plans I have set for the coming new year. I will be sharing in future posts some of my thought-process while deciding on this particular course of action.

What are you setting in motion today? :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

will soup save the day?

I'm doing something for a possible project that has something to do with soup. Can't really share anything more than that but I am counting on soup's well-known benefits of comfort to save the day and soothe my current worries.

keeping the faith

It's a challenging time for me this month. Some big changes will need to be made while staying true to what matter to me.

A part of me marvels at the nuances of these new experiences. There are insights and lessons to be learned in the situation I find myself in. The test of faith is at its most difficult. Things WILL get better. The tide WILL turn.

Meanwhile I will do what I can and wait for everything else to unfold in its own perfect time.