Saturday, November 5, 2011

twelve by 2012

Very much inspired by Danni of Oh Hello Friend's project and I have decided to participate in it! This will also get a few items ticked form my own Life List!

So here goes:

My Twelve Before 2012

bold = finished!
italic = in progress

Organize all my digital files, including 13,000+ photos (7 Nov 2011).

Clean all my inboxes, clear subscriptions I don't read, curate my Google Reader. (8 Nov 2011)

Successfully hold a sale of vintage items and pretty things in December. (1,4,16,19 December)

Do yoga at least 4 times a week, starting tomorrow!

Have my personal and business blogs fully updated and on-track with everything I have learned from all the e-courses I've taken.

Revive my creative journal writing -- this means pen on paper, complete with collage and drawings and attempts at calligraphy, just like I used to do years ago. (11 Nov 2011)

Bake something that I have not baked before. (Banana muffins from scratch!)

Update my insurance plan. (9 Dec 2011)

Learn and practice taking pretty self-portraits.

Draft a plan for the new business I have been wanting to do (and apply the good stuff I have learned from the Dream Job E-Course)

Improve my strength and stamina through regular daily exercise and healthier lifestyle. This is measurable by how well I am able to physically perform during my martial arts practice of kendo. Right now I am barely able to hold myself together until the end of a grueling session.

Get together with friends I have not seen for a long while.

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