Monday, November 21, 2011

SexyJen and Peetur are a married couple who also happen to be my sister's best friends. My sis and I asked them if we can have a sleepover as part of our own getting-together-with-people-who-matter goal. They live far from the main metropolitan area and on a lazy Sunday with empty roads it still took us about 45 minutes to get to their place. They have a beautiful and cozy home that they personally decorated and furnished.

They are well known in their circle of friends as adept party givers and are considered to be a pretty cool husband-and-wife team who travels a lot and who have plenty of skills plus social and business networks that enable them to sustain what many people would probably describe as enviable lifestyles.

Here are some insights and inspirations that we gained on this short but enriching visit.

Getting away from the usual routine and environment of your own home can do wonders for your mood and sanity. Fewer distractions (such as unwashed dishes and dusty books). Real relaxation. Just letting go of the usual. There is a very distinct feeling of your body unknotting and loosening up. You are away from home and all it represents and reminds you, especially the parts that get you all worked up on a daily basis.

Spending real deep quality time with friends who totally "get" you feeds your heart and spirit on so many levels. Giving and receiving valuable advice and perspective. Realizing that your own experiences can be useful for other people as inspiration just as you yourself are inspired by the life of other people. It makes you realize that we all get a turn on helping and being helped.

Foosball is fun. First time I played and my tummy hurt from laughing so hard. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Haven't played that way in an even longer time.

Even cheap wine can add a dash of something special. Our friends introduced us to Arbor Mist, a really affordable fruit-flavored wine that I enjoyed a lot. 6% alcohol. I was able to drink half a glass before I got the buzzy dizzy feeling and before I started feeling the veins in my respiratory system start to protest. Lovely sweet taste. I may be unsophisticated about wines but my taste buds loved the mixed berry flavor.

Receiving a book recommendation that could possibly help me along in the various journeys I am embarking on now. Jack Canfield's The Success Principles is a bit of a long read but the peeks I had into a few pages had hit a few home runs. Already downloaded the Kindle sample.

Every one is dealing with a drama or tragedy of his own. We all have our own set of trials and challenges. Even if we may sometimes feel that some people seem luckier or more blessed than we are, it is important to realize that we are equally blessed. Maybe I have always hungered for the opportunity to travel almost every month and often felt a pang of envy at those who get to go somewhere nice frequently. But those very same people may secretly wish for the kind of closeness and camaraderie that I have with my sister with whom I can share the weight of family responsibilities and troubles. The point is, we are all gifted with something and we are all challenged with something. Never think that you are only getting the short end of the stick or that you are the only one who needs a break from the trials of life. The universe is fair.

You can survive a whole day without your phone. About an hour into the catching up conversations, I have settled into a comfortable chair and did not feel the usual urge to get my phone from my bag and check for messages. I just focused on the moment of enjoying the time with my friends. I also did not use my phone to set an alarm in the morning. The sunshine streaming through the window crept softly to wake me up instead.

Actual physical distance can give you a better perspective on matters that you need to decide on. Getting away from the familiar can give you that much needed balance against too much comfort and complacency. What seemed overwhelming now looks like something I can deal with and survive. There is a lot of space to move and grow and maneuver. There is no need to get stuck.

Time does fly when you are having fun. Ask yourself: when was the last time that you just simply savored a moment or experience without always taking a peek at the clock or your phone or your computer? Without rushing or feeling the compulsion to get things done even while you are doing something else?

Vision boards help. And patience (plus purpose and focus and faith) is a virtue that every one would benefit much from having. SexyJen had a vision board from way back in college and when we examined it, we realized that every little detail she had pasted on it has been fulfilled. I need to update mine when I get home!

Every one could benefit from being taken care of once in a while. As house guests we were forbidden from lifting a pinkie to do house chores. In addition we received a lot of constant attention asking if we needed or wanted anything.

It was a refreshing change for someone like me who always has to do everything everyday and take care of everyone and myself to boot. So thank you, thank you to SexyJen and Peetur!!! You have restored our sanity and spirits!

Surrounding yourself with happy things can lift your energies considerably. I have been inspired by how SexyJen and Peetur designed their home. All around are happy photographs from their various trips, occasions, and other memorabilia that showcase their successes and achievements. You can feel the joyous energies spilling out from the photos and they make you realize just how much fun they are having throughout all those years.

Graham crackers dipped in honey make a very happy and delicious snack.

This sleepover was such a happy event! Definitely beats going to the spa and any form of retail therapy!

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