Saturday, March 26, 2011

sanity list

For today I will comfort myself with a list of accomplished tasks, no matter how small.

- changed the bedsheets
- vacuumed the bedroom
- discarded empty tissue box
- cleaned the home theater system shelf
- cleaned the bedside table
- refilled Mogget's food and water
- put the work shelves in order
- recharged and sync-ed my Kindle
- emptied the home office trash
- replaced the printer ink
- recharged batteries
- replaced keyboard batteries
- found my missing calling card case
- released the video camera for a project
- threw away the old and peeling mousepad
- cleaned my work desk
- cleaned the surfaces and screens of my computers
- cooked a simple lunch
- set up my work desk in preparation for an all-nighter later tonight

as of 10:22AM

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