Wednesday, August 29, 2012

snail mail project

This is a personal project that is connected to a number of other things that I want to enrich in my life.

First is the nurturing of important relationships and strengthening my personal community of family and friends. There are few things so heart-warming as a well-thought out letter, written by hand, on hand-designed paper and envelope (or perhaps on well-chosen stationery paper) sent and received. The very act itself of letter writing already presupposes time and effort (and money for mailing) taken and spent. We have grown so used to picking the most convenient path (hasty emails, text messages, and worst of all, written text speak) that we have also given up a lot of the meanings and values embedded in things and activities done by hand.

Second is the relearning of those meanings and values. The virtue of patience practiced when waiting for a reply. The careful thought put into the composition of the letter, from the very basics of grammar to proper self-expression and articulation of the message. The recognition of who you actually care enough for to take the time, effort, and money to write to. The value of simply slowing down and making time.

Third is the perfect excuse to make more art. Not to waste all those pretty pens and inks and papers. Also a perfect means to let my art travel to places and be alive and have purpose.

Here are some envelopes I have made to contain unsent letters to former objects of my affection, as well as a repository of old journal entries and old printed emails kept as souvenirs of old almost-love-stories.

Is there still room for old-fashioned mail in your life?

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  1. Of course there's still room. Those envelopes are amazing!! I almost wouldn't want to open them they're so beautiful.