Friday, August 31, 2012


Omnisketch is a new iPad app that I downloaded just today. It caught my eye when I was updating my iPad apps. It only costs $1.99.

Here is my first piece using the app. It feels like drawing in ink or thick watercolor and I like some of the effects and the variety of brushes. But a part of me still feels like "cheating" and I would still prefer to make more art with real paper and pencil and brushes. This app will be very useful though when I am out of the house and have to wait or when I am in a cafe and don't feel like reading or writing. It can also be useful as a drafting page for works that I intend to do with real paper and watercolor.

I've been drawn to a lot of water images lately and maybe it's because I feel like I am lost at sea. I'm looking for the rainbow and the pot of gold. I'm looking for the land that I can call my home. I am looking for the compass that will tell me if I am on course and where my True North lies.

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  1. I'm impressed. This looks like fun.