Monday, September 19, 2011

mad monday

Just because I changed a kitchen cabinet handle last night to try out a small idea on decorating my home I realized how much possibility there is in everything else.

changed my kitchen cabinet handles from a plain silver bar to a pair of flowers 
Hence when I woke up this morning I felt eager to do things. My original to-do list got overpowered by an unexplainable need to...clean the house.

I went on a cleaning frenzy. On top of my regularly scheduled daily chores, I vacuumed the whole house and moved furniture and dusted and polished and wiped and scrubbed. It was therapeutic and it felt like I am finally pushing all the right buttons to move my own energies to creativity. A lot of the little chores that I have been putting off for weeks suddenly got done. I didn't get to do any money-making work but it was well worth it. I feel that even the clogged corners of my brain got de-cluttered.

As I cleaned, many things also became clearer to me. Goals became more defined. Ambivalent feelings became less fuzzy. Fears receded far into the background where they will not do any impeding or pulling back.

With every clump of dust I caught with the vacuum nozzle I thought about obstacles disappearing. With every object put back in its proper storage I thought about things falling into place.

Now as I sit back and gaze with satisfaction at the results of my hard work I could not care less about the muscle aches from all the bending and stretching and carrying. I think I will sleep well tonight.

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