Friday, July 6, 2012

what's on your refrigerator?

This is in response to and inspired by an interesting post by Chrystina.

So here is how my refrigerator door looks like:

It's like a mini-collage in itself with images meant to inspire me.  My magnets are adorable pieces made of painted wood which I got on sale. I have one magnet of a small sack of beans that I could not resist simply because it was too cute.

I have a functional magnetic green board where I list shopping items as soon as I run out of them.  And there is a magnetic green measuring spoon that was gifted to me last Christmas.

Then there are a lot of photos : one of me holding my first ever batch of baked bread pudding. I have photos of Jamie Oliver because I absolutely love him and his books and his cooking and his food revolution projects. I love his herb gardens and his unwavering enthusiasm to make a difference through his craft. I have photos of plenty and pretty food to instill in me the spirit of abundance even during the worst days. I have a photo of Emma from foodcoma because she is sort of my benchmark in becoming a very good baker and maybe even be lucky enough like her to have a small bakeshop.

What does your refrigerator say about you?

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  1. Love this!! Excited to have inspired a post :) I love all the pictures - especially the one with the bread pudding. And that measuring spoon is pretty gosh darn adorable :) Hope you're having a great Friday!!