Wednesday, November 23, 2011

one day at a time

Many things are overwhelming me these days. Until I reminded myself to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. We all get to where we need to go just by focusing on what is before us at the moment. That is all we can do, really. That is all we can control for now.

Today we bought our very first sewing machine and got our first lessons from our aunt. We managed to make a crooked placemat and we could not wait to make more (but less crooked). There are still a lot of things to buy and things to do on the list but we did all that can be done for today. We did not waste any time.

I was also pleased to feel the support and help of our parents. I know that my dad has long been skeptical of us surviving on our own business but today he has been extra helpful and even gave a few suggestions. We are still very much at the embryo stage of what my sister and I are trying to achieve but we just do our best to focus on what can be done each day. We cannot let ourselves be disheartened by thoughts of being such late bloomers or being poor or feeling inadequately skilled. Things will change accordingly as we fuel what we do with faith and passion.

Tonight we also finally got to fixing the tiny studio space that was allotted for us in our parents' home. We still need a few pieces of storage and furniture but it is already looking cozy and beginning to feel like an inspired space.

Keeping calm and sewing on.

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