Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wanting to shop for books so badly

I used to have Amazon deliveries on my doorstep at least once every few months when I used to have a  fat paycheck. In addition to that, I made weekly trips to the local bookstores to browse and more often than not ended up buying a book or two.

The downside was I hardly had enough time to read any of my purchases. To-read books piled up faster than I could actually read them.

These days I get to read a lot. I even have the luxury of re-reading favorite books or revisiting pages to search for that perfect quote to write in my day's journal.

The downside is I read faster than I could get my hands on fresh books and I no longer have the fat paycheck. (No, there are no decent public libraries where I live. If there were, I would have probably set up my own nook in each one a long time ago.)

I also have this rather odd habit of reading multiple books simultaneously within a given period. Right now I believe I am actively reading through about eight to ten books.

I read a variety of books but my current mainstays are literary fiction, books on creativity and writing, books on happiness, books on food and cooking, books on home decoration, young adult fantasy, and the occasional chick lit or mass bestseller.

Here is a baker's dozen list of the top books I want to buy now:

And so I sigh with longing.

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