Wednesday, July 11, 2012

creative storm, still on-going

My daily journal has fully become a daily art journal. I could not stop myself from decorating almost every page with drawings and watercolor and sometimes even throwing in some mixed pieces of lace, beads, cloth, or magazine clippings.

Many of my pieces were triggered by cravings or some kind of emotion and that's what I let spill on the paper.

I actually have a couple of nice-quality watercolor sketchbooks but for some reason I do not yet feel like spilling myself in them yet. They feel too large, a wide expanse of blankness that somehow presses me to perform just a wee bit better than I do in my journals. Maybe in a few more weeks.

The creative storm will have to lie low for the rest of the week as I attend to a work project that I have expertly navigated away from for the past couple of days when I should have been spending at least 6-8 hours on them each day. Can't afford to cram on this particular one because I definitely don't want it haunting me in any part of the future with requests for re-analysis or clarifications. Hence, I plan to churn out the best report ever and cleanly seal the deal and finally move on. This specific project has dragged on for far too long (first inquiries were sent in December of last year).

So anyway, I'm steeling myself for some intense time periods of Just Working, all art materials safely stowed away, all books out of my line of sight, and a timer making sure I render a minimum of 6 hours of proper work. The upside : I have a good chance of finishing ahead of schedule and ending up with extra time rather than spending the last few days before the deadline cramming. I better stock up on tea and coffee.

What's in store for you for the rest of the week?


  1. Finishing up vacation. Getting back to my new house - my roommate will have moved in while I'm gone - and seeing what state it's in. Packing to leave for a business trip again.

    Question - how do you keep the watercolors from seeping through the page? (how did it take me this long to think of this question?)

    1. Looks like we're all having busy weeks! If one of my projects pushes through I might end up traveling around the country a bit as well.

      On the watercolors: it's all in the paper. Use thick paper that's especially for watercolor or at least find one that's 300 GSM - it's an indicator of how thick the paper is. Some high-quality notebooks have thinner paper but of such good quality that they can withstand the soaking of the paint, such as Moleskine (which is what I'm currently using). The Moleskine pages just wrinkle a bit but don't soak through. :)

  2. Love! Your art journalling is making me hungry.

    H xo

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Hana! :) :) :)