Wednesday, November 16, 2011

getting ready for many things

Today is the third day for semi-cramming for the store on December 1. My sister and I have been trawling places for ideas and materials, including spending a day at our grandmother's to begin learning the basics on sewing.

Yesterday I dropped by my old office to pick up a late check (which will happily tide me over the holidays since projects seem to have disappeared after I finished the last one last week). I have always felt apprehensive about visiting because my life has changed so radically that I wasn't sure what to expect. I should really have more faith in my friends, my true friends. The warmth and joy and comfort that I gained achieved in a day what I have been struggling to for months.

There were also quite a few serendipitous news that only the wisdom of the universe would have the knack for manifesting. Gij will bring me goods to sell over the weekend, while those whom I've told about the shop (for which my sis and I finally have a name- yay! I will reveal it next post complete with design) expressed excitement and wholehearted support and faith in my abilities to pull it off.

JenI will soon be JenS because she had become engaged. Another close friend, Tatt, also got engaged. Gij and JenI made me sit on the "lucky" chair and made me rub their engagement rings so I could pick up on the engagement energies. I really have no idea how that is going to work but by this time, I will be a fool if I still dare to question the Big Scheme of Things. Especially in the light of certain things that must be done which makes the whole idea of engagement any time soon seemingly improbable.

Anyway, I shall get ready for the day now. Will try to have photos put up soon on what I've been busy with.

Have a great day!

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