Monday, February 6, 2012

creating a creative space

Late last year I have embarked on a redecorating project for my home to get myself and my space ready for the gifts of 2012. I have made significant progress and after the initial workload of January I now intend to move it forward a little bit more.

One important thing I realized that I need is a designated creative space. Right now there is none. So if I want to do any creative project I make do with whatever space is available -- on the floor, on the bed, on the dining table, or half my working desk. If I really need space I have to go over at my parents' house. It dawned on me then that my allocation of space is not according to where I want my life to go.

It means the home office for the Other Business will have to be redesigned and will have to be more of a creative studio. The Other Business will be given temporary space on the dining table whenever there is a project. Otherwise, all Other Business stuff will be put away, and in the process its role in the scheme of things will also be much clearer. Besides, all I really need for the Other Business is a laptop and an external hard drive, while my creative space requires lots of materials and tools.

So now I am excited to clear and re-arrange. I also foresee another wave of de-cluttering as I further narrow down my possessions to those that will contribute to my creative growth.

I've started drawing again, something that I used to do a LOT when I was a child. When I first put pencil on paper I wondered if my hand would still remember.
I've added a jar of drawing pencils and watercolor paintbrushes on my desk. One of the first little steps into turning my home office into a mini creative studio.

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  1. I absolutely love that drawing, you have such a great style... and such talent!