Friday, January 27, 2012


I am still trapped with work so to keep this blog alive I am posting stolen snapshots throughout the super busy days. My sister has been staying over at my place to help me out with data transcriptions.
My sister has been taking charge of breakfast to help me out with the daily tasks and chores. This one is scrambled egg with toast and butter.
Lots of caffeine keep us awake at least until midnight. Then we start nodding off no matter how much coffee we take.
My sister's version of Omurice for breakfast : first she fried rice in onions, a bit of soy sauce, and a bit of tomato catsup.
Then scrambled egg cooked into a pancake shape is put on top.
And then it's ready to eat! I would like to try this with fresh tomatoes instead of tomato catsup.
The occasional treat -- caramel sundae especially after an intense kendo practice.
Kendo practice has to fit into the schedule somehow because of the exam in February. It's pretty tough pushing myself physically after days of incomplete sleep hours and full days of mental fatigue.
Fruits to help refresh and revive the mind. Dragonfruit is soooooo delicious!
Pasta with salmon and cream which I invented for lunch yesterday.
Mogget caught sniffing at the onions... 
Mogget : What the heck is that smell?
Mogget : Seriously, what is that smell?
A special thank you to Chrystina who has been visiting and commenting frequently -- I'm definitely appreciating the online company especially through the wee hours! :)

Also happy to see Hana back to posting about her happy adventures and dropping by to visit this blog a few days ago. :)

Am loving all the visits from happy creative people!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. No problem :)
    Have an awesome week!