Monday, February 18, 2013

afternoon catch-up

I am taking a break from work. I will spend it by sharing a list of random things and events.
  • I got two local work projects "approved" and then everything ground to a halt. The checks I was counting on did not materialize and left me scrambling for alternative solutions.
  • I was rescued last week by a small project which paid immediately and was easy to do. Now I can pay all my smaller bills. But I still need to figure out the rent and the home loan.
  • Today there is another project in the works. It is for a workshop and it is based in China and I won't be surprised if this happens first before the other two local projects. I will have to admit though that I am a wee bit nervous about it because it will be my first time to do a workshop. I hated workshops when I was still employed. What irony.
  • I do believe that I am finally over the worst part of having been in love with a certain person. I care less for him each day and I find myself reacting more to seeing Dean Winchester than seeing him.
  • A dear friend sent me rice stalks for hanging on my door for prosperity, and I added gold coins to my hanging lucky fish. Rather pagan, I know. Very old religion. But at this point, anything helps. I did get the small project and the China project follow-up after I put up the stalks and the coins. 
  • Yesterday I went to the Japan Surplus shop near my parents' house (our family personally knows the owner) and scored myself a watercolor sketchbook and a stamp collection album. I plan to use the latter as a Life Project album.
  • My house is clean today. Hurray! I've worked through the chores a little bit each day and now the house is clean. I just need to do some re-arranging but otherwise there are no glaring or urgent chores on the list.
  • I had a chat with a friend I haven't seen in a while and we got talking about doing what you want and I found myself saying this nice bit about where I am and what I'm doing now, and I realize that I haven't done too bad, even if I have actually come very very close to being a starving artist/writer.
  • I revisited my novel last night after not working on it for more than a week and I was pleased to note that it is going well. 
  • I had a nice girls' night out last Saturday and it really is fun to be with like-minded people. I had a really spicy Korean noodle soup.
  • I miss baking, but butter is so expensive.
  • I really, really have to fix my sleeping and waking hours.
  • I have lately been craving for bacon and eggs for breakfast.

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  1. What a great update. Glad to hear some things are going well and I hope the ones that aren't start looking up soon. Also, it's always a nice feeling to get over being in love when needed. And I'm excited about your novel for you :)