Monday, October 3, 2011

a little confession

I didn't get to do any work at all on the business document project. So that means I'm a day behind. (But I did get to do a lot of other things that made the day a good one despite Mr. Time being in such a hurry.)

I have a list of revisions but I am not yet 100% sold on how best to execute them. I could not gather my thoughts enough to focus before I am distracted by something else.

I only have about a month's worth of savings in the bank and I am still waiting for a couple of projects to get confirmed. There are a couple of calls I'm expecting from potential clients. Normally I would be panicking by now. Maybe I am but I just don't know it. But a few months ago I would be losing sleep and appetite and feeling helpless. This time, for some reason, I feel calm and certain that things are going to fall into place at the exact time.

Maybe that's why I'm behaving like I could afford the extra time to not work on the business document project. I have not even resumed moving the business blog to its new site. So unlike me! Particularly when it comes to the money-making projects, I could be really obsessive about it.

But now all I could think of are reading and writing and crafting. I haven't even taken a peek at the business project revisions list but I have pored over Pinterest and found a first to-do project (that will be another post). Tsk-tsk-tsk. I promise, really, to do the business project tomorrow and FINISH it (before Friday).

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