Thursday, October 6, 2011

crafty day thursday, part 2

Gramma is 90 years old. When I was a child I remember her letting me help put carrot-looking orange noses on the little muppet-like faces that decorate the children's bags she used to sew.

She sewed a LOT of things for selling when she was younger : potholders, stuffed toys, bags, pouches, quilted blankets, pillowcases. Then she also loves recycling and repurposing. Nothing goes to waste.

Now she can only sew very simple bags and pouches because her finger joints swell when overworked. But even then, her products are of good quality and tastefully designed. I have always believed that her passion for creating and recreating have kept her alive and mentally sound. She also loves to cook and can put together a big family feast on her own, cooking everything from scratch.

When we visited today she showed us her latest collection of bags and pouches and I could not help myself from buying a few.

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