Thursday, October 6, 2011

crafty day thursday, part 1

According to plan, I went to the dentist. The Happy Peach, my sister, decided to tag along and see what the rest of the day will surprise her with. After the dentist, we went to our Gramma's house who was very delighted to be visited by her grandchildren. We brought banana-qs for snack (deep-fried sugar-coated bananas on sticks) and Gramma served us coffee.

Gramma & The Happy Peach

Gramma was extra delighted when my sister and I expressed our desire to learn everything we could from her about her handmade crafts and sewing. She said she thought no one would really carry on the art and the skills anymore. She got excited at the prospect of bequeathing her (truly vintage) materials including her collection of buttons, sewing patterns, cloths and everything else she used for her crafts.

Right now she is busy making decorated native fans for Christmas gifting and for selling.

She says she cannot sew as much as she used to because her hands have become too arthritic. So she controls herself by only sewing one thing a day -- because she loves crafting so much that she could easily lose track of time and only realize it when she starts aching.

Next: Gramma's hand-sewn bags and pouches

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