Sunday, October 20, 2013

quick roundup

Today's quickly thrown-together brunch : eggs, butter-tossed fresh mushrooms, coppa ham, chunk of gouda cheese, with arugula on the side.

It's a working weekend so it has been rough and tough. 

This fluffy one keeps me smiling though.

The other day I sneaked out from working and had oden at the convenience store with my sister.

I also finally found out for myself what the fuss is all about Cookie Butter. Not bad at all.

I got myself a new stack of books because work always ups my spending mode in an attempt to console my aching heart for still having to have a dayjob that steals so much time and effort from what I really want to do.

I can't wait to have that huge chunk of time just focusing on my writing and art-making. I do feel so tired and drained. I have not had a proper vacation from work since the year started, to be honest. It has been a series of tests and trials and monster battles.

How have YOU been?

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