Monday, December 26, 2011

redecorating in progress

This is what I'm going to be busy with for the week before the new year: redecorating my home to prepare it for the fresh energies of 2012. It is also a way for me to cleanse and detoxify mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I also get to stretch my creative muscles and not hold myself back like I did three years ago when I just moved in. This time I will claim my space and really make it mine and let it speak for me.

Inexpensive wall stickers of colorful butterflies enhance an old plain black vinyl sticker I had put on the wall three years ago. 
Christmas lights cheer up my bed. I'm thinking I could keep it there all year round.
My Sandman card collection come out of hiding in a tattered box and are put on display for better appreciation. Neil Gaiman remains one of my favorite authors. Morpheus still pops up in my dreams sometimes, often with cryptic messages.
A store-bought vintage style wooden storage box gets personalized with happy colored sequins so it would not get lost in the vibrant fabric cover of the plastic Muji DVD storage. The shells are from a recent beach trip with my sister.
Another Muji plastic CD storage gets dressed up in fabric. I also use its top to display vintage LP covers. The yellow roses are made of wood ordered from Etsy. A few pieces of vintage safety pins gotten for free at the lace shop and a bowlful of assorted stones bought as souvenir from Athens, Georgia (when I did my little pilgrimage to Michael Stipe and REM in 2000.)
Repurposed a furry shawl into a table cover, keeping my turntable cozy.
Inexpensive doilies freshen and brighten up the shelf tops that hold my little garden of flowers and herbs.
This space does double duty as garden and as shelf for my planner, journals, idea notebook, and life list notebook.
More to come!

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