Tuesday, December 27, 2011

redecorating in progress, part 2

Today I tackled my work/study/crafting area, plus a bit of the kitchen. I repainted the back of my bookshelves which also serve as wall dividers to give my tiny studio some semblance of space assignment. The original color of the shelves was a very pale blue and I wanted bright color. I got a yellow green shade that looks sunshiny in daytime and lime-lemony in the evenings.

This is the back of my biggest shelf which separates my bedroom from the rest of the place. Just as I put up my Sandman card collection on the bedroom wall, here I chose to put up my Griffin & Sabine postcard collection. I have always been a Nick Bantock fan and I love to do my own collages.
I also changed the books on display at the top of the shelf (they used to be my Japanese manga collection) to complement the postcards - here I have Nick Bantock's books and Barbara Hodgson's. Barbara's books are like Nick's -- with beautiful art and beautiful writing combined to tell compelling stories. I hope to write one of my own one day.
Instead of throwing away a worn out mousepad, I stripped it of its peeling cover and re-covered it with a fresh bright fabric. Good As New mousepad!
These fabrics are waiting to be used for other decorating projects.

I took advantage of a 50% discount sale of good quality storage boxes and now I finally have my art and craft materials in one place. I added the stickers for a touch of whimsy. The objects on top are the materials for a current project.
I brightened up an all-black purely functional kitchen shelf by covering it with a bright green and white plaid self-adhering wallpaper. 
Not to be left behind, I dressed up a bare shelf that stored my cleaning products, kitchen towels, rags, and floor rugs with a fabric cover  so that the contents need not be exposed for all to see. It certainly made this tiny corner of the kitchen look fresher, brighter, and better organized. The bottles in the basket are waiting to be repurposed into something functional or decorative or both.
I will be going out for a new paint color tomorrow plus more fabric for new window curtains. Do visit again!

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