Sunday, January 1, 2012

first craft for the year : a love vision board

Ten years ago this will probably be the last thing I would ever think to make. Fifteen years ago you would not even be able to make me come near anything pink, hearts, or romantic. Well, I guess we all went through our own versions of emo in our much younger days. Did you ever celebrate an anti-Valentine day on Valentine's Day?

It's quite funny because I was actually born on Valentine's Day. I resented that fact for quite a number of years. I was a wallflower. The unchosen nerd-girl. The weird girl. I didn't have a boyfriend until I was almost thirty.

I fell in love with and pursued a handful of guys (yes, I was brave that way and I paid the price in too many heartbreaks). All were unrequited until one, and then another, finally stopped long enough to take notice.

But two boyfriends later I am now again single. Took me a while to learn that there is only so much I can do to make anyone fall in love with me and be a true partner and the best way is actually not to do anything! Just focus on becoming your best self and be true to what makes you happy. When your real self shines then the real right person will recognize you and before you know it -- happily ever after.

So I start this year with a love vision board. Out of a piece of illustration board, some decorative papers, and print outs of happy inspiring photos of real happy couples from the internet (yes, it sounds a bit stalker-ish but it is only for personal positive use), I created a vision of love and partnership. More than the beauty of the images I also chose them based on the stories and values they tell me. A main feature of the board is the love life of Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess who is currently my number one inspiration on so many aspects of my life.

I have also added touches of my dream wedding theme. Just to make it clearer and to remind me of what each element represents for me.

So call me corny or mushy but I still believe in fairy tales and happily ever afters.


  1. Love it Marichit! So colorful! I can just imagine what your wedding will be like. I hope Peter and I are invited! Hehe. Makes me think of doing a vision board for my dream beach wedding as well. <3

  2. Hahaha! Of course you and Peter will definitely be part of the guest list! Go do that beach wedding vision board while I wait for my groom :D