Friday, January 20, 2012

fired up on fridays

I don't know what causes it exactly but on Fridays I get more ideas popping in my head and I feel more motivated to complete a lot of things that have been pending for the whole week. It's a kind of mood that I should be having on a Monday morning except that I have it on Fridays. It could be a desire to tie up all loose ends before a new week begins, or it could be an unacknowledged excitement for the weekend. It is a good feeling because I do get a lot done but on the other hand I also feel a twinge of frustration as the day feels lacking in hours for all that I want to do.

I also seem to learn and catch on quickly on Fridays. Maybe it's like a positive kind of panic. That I have to squeeze in as much as I can because when Saturday rolls in then I would suddenly switch off to shift into weekend mode. Like one final mad rush.

Well, today I have to do work because --- I have work on Sunday! The work I need to do today is preparatory for the Sunday thing. And I just got a text message from a business partner that more data will be delivered tomorrow so I guess tonight and tomorrow night will be long ones again.

But --- just this morning I told myself to focus on the things that do go right. Like the fact that all the work data will come in on time, even if it is last-minute. That my sister had the extra keys to my home when I accidentally locked myself out this morning because I was so distracted by worry that I forgot to pick them up. That the downpayment check was ready on schedule even when I had to give in to the higher percentage tax. That I have an accountant who will help me sort out the tax deductions. Most importantly, that whatever was left after the taxes would at least cover the biggest bills for the month.

There had been a series of little frustrating things for the whole of the week and they got me soooooo close to considering just being employed again (with a lot of negotiated freedoms for lesser but stable pay). But my sister is right and even my accountant (who was innocently sharing a story that somehow emphasized on the same exact message) is right in saying that no big decision should ever be made in an emotional moment (except perhaps when the love of your life suddenly gets down on his knees and asks you to marry him - then you can say yes immediately, but then you knew you would do that all along so I guess it doesn't really count).

On that note I end with shared photos from my future business space, Etsy, by a favorite seller theloveshop.

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  1. I like the positive attitude, good luck with things!! Sending best wishes your direction, happy Sunday!!