Saturday, January 21, 2012

bread before bed

I got a bit carried away. I was updating and fixing and clearing and then I found a to-do list that said "Bake bread" plus the recipe of an easy no-knead homemade bread. So before I could make excuses and think too much about it I was taking the flour jar out of the shelf and opening up a sealed bag of yeast and thirty minutes later I have a dough wrapped up in a big bowl left to rise for the next three hours.

I started putting the dough into the oven at around 10:30PM and before that I got caught up in a movie on cable (Switch starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman) which I haven't seen before and I realized I haven't seen any movie for quite a long while.

Before the movie I was doing some work and in between during breaks I would put stuff together for my vision board.

My home smelled like a bread shop as I cooked three batches of bread (because my oven is small). The bread came out crusty with a soft center and was great with butter. I could be biased but I think it actually tastes good. ^__^  So tonight is kind of a special night because it is the first I have ever tried baking bread and it turned out quite well.

What new thing did you do today? :)

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  1. Your bread looks delicious, this is absolutely on my to do list. I have a friend in church choir who has absolutely mastered it - and he claims it's easy enough (which is impressive because I once told him about an experience I had where I messed up soup... don't ask). What new thing did I do today? I know this is really small - but I sat upstairs instead of downstairs at one of my favorite restaurants, it was a nice change of pace.