Thursday, January 19, 2012

breaking four days of silence

That's four days without blogging! That's how busy this week has been. I had to focus a lot of my time on work (the serious, money-making kind). I miss crafting and handmaking so bad!

I should be tucked in bed by now to be able to get up early tomorrow for But I have to do something non-work-y or I will just simply start getting unhappy. Hence I will do a quick post before calling it a night.

Last Sunday I had to run a few errands at the mall (mostly replenishing supplies for the Other Business) and my sister wanted to check out the hair accessories section which led to us buying a few pieces for ourselves. I am so vulnerable to impulse shopping when I am bracing myself for days of hard work with no creative time but fortunately, what I bought are actually very useful. Check these out...

I am also happy to report that my little indoor garden (grown from seeds) seems to be growing well. I added a pot of basil and it seems to be surviving.

Oh, and I finally was able to go to the supermarket tonight and I got an extra bag of flour because I just might force some free time into my very tight schedule to bake something, or two somethings. But I forgot to get some cream so the panna cotta will have to wait.

I dream of becoming a housewife (to a financially stable husband) and own an Etsy shop. I think I just might make a vision board for that.

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