Friday, December 30, 2011

it's eleven in the morning and i just woke up

All that serious creative work and redecorating have caught up with me and I slept through the whole morning today. I was woken by the alarm at 5:45AM but then I could not move very well because my body was just dead tired and aching still. So I gave in and slept more and had more weird dreams until my body said, "Okay, that'll do for now." My back still aches a bit although it is much more tolerable. I guess I still have to take it a bit slower today.

On the other hand, this is the first time in long months that I have indulged in a very late sleeping in. I also feel cushioned by the progress I have made in prettifying my home so I don't feel guilty. Oh yes, even now I am plagued by that feeling of horrible guilt when I indulge myself. I am not quite sure how to get rid of it and just simply enjoy and savor the indulgence (especially since I have them either rarely or in small amounts).

I will need to write my plans and wishes and intentions for the new year between now and the new year. They are all in my head for the moment, chattering and having cocktails.

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