Saturday, November 5, 2011

introducing: the baker's dozen

The Baker's Dozen is a collection of 13 things that I will be featuring weekly in this blog. It could be anything from objects to people to places to experiences. It could be things that inspired me or things I want to do, or even things I want to buy.

I first learned about the idea of a baker's dozen from my mom. In the neighborhood where I grew up there were a couple of small bakeries from where we bought our bread every morning. Our staple bread was not the sliced loaf that most people would be familiar with but the local pan de sal -- individual pieces of round airy bread that we either dipped in coffee or slathered in butter or used to scoop and wipe the fried egg from the plate. Whenever we bought a dozen we got 13 instead of 12 which has always fascinated me because of its outright breaking of the rules of math as I knew it.

I am putting together the first collection for next week -- do visit again and see what made it's made of!

Do you have a baker's dozen you want to share?

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  1. Fantastic idea!! Looking forward to the first installment! H xo