Tuesday, September 27, 2011

very early tuesday

It's half past one in the morning. I just finished my second long writing assignment and I feel satisfied. Normally I would only feel a slight relief that it was done. But since the workshop with my sister I have begun to see things and situations from a different perspective. What I accomplished yesterday is more than a list of to-dos or obligations. What I did was move steps closer to the life I want. Every day is a chapter in a journey. From simply getting through a day I have shifted focus and instead I think about growing through each day and progressing through a bigger Story.

My hands ache from so much writing. There are a few chores left undone. But I will go to bed and sleep without fussing over tasks that did not get the check mark. There are more to do when I wake up. But not before a hearty breakfast.

Good night.

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