Sunday, December 8, 2013


With decisions being made and choices acted upon, a certain kind of silence has begun to reign over my days. It is a silence that permeates deeply and brings with it a kind of peace, and then later on an absence that allows the surfacing of things that were previously unheard and unseen. I can feel my own heart tremble a little at these small revelations. Paths illuminated, possibilities considered. There is anxiety and then there is wonder. Though tired my spirit is still willing to embark on journeys. But there are new rules. I am still making them up as I go along.

I have been slow to bear fruit, for all the time that I have wrestled from my old life. But there are already signs that nothing has been in vain. Even when I had repeatedly slid back from moving forward some ground had still been gained. 

In this last month of the year of true paths  here are some of the things that remain after so many that have been lost.

My pursuit and practice of a creative life remains as strong as ever.

Books. Handwriting. Dip pens. Ink. Old world ways.

The London dream trip is still on top of the list. More than money I need MAGIC for this to happen. And I believe there will be plenty of both coming.

Writing is the one thing that keeps me sane and happy. Story-telling my way, and not the way that others want. 

By the way, I did not win the NaNoWriMo challenge this year although I did end up with a not too bad draft of a story I can edit later. The upside of not winning officially was the final push it gave me to re-assess the last few items that have been weighing on me and to resolve them once and for all. 

As for the matter of love, well, I have realized that the best way to deal with it is on the page, so I will keep its various imagined drama in my stories. The rest I leave in the magical synchronicity of the universe. 

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