Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Clear away the old to make way for the...older.

So we had a yard sale where I sold most of the appliances and home items from my old place. It was a rather saddening event because it added a layer of finality to one of my biggest losses this year. 

But just as I watched my former things being carried away by their new owners, something that I have been wishing for but could not find in a form or price that satisfied me walked into the just-emptied space.

This was brought in by one of the yard sale customers who also happened to own a thrift shop and I asked if he had any standalone turntables and he did and brought it over right after making a lot of purchases of his own. 

He said the turntable was of British style with the spinner balanced on springs. He left it with me to try and decide on. So you can guess what I will be doing this weekend.

And since we mentioned British... I finally cleared out my old place and it is now empty of my old life. As I was closing the windows I got teary eyed and really sad and tried to think happy thoughts, so I thought of London and wished for a sign that all will be well and I looked down and saw this:

I mean, what are the odds? In that exact moment that I needed a sign and there it was.

So I feel buoyed up from the threat of sadness and my faith that it is all indeed going to work out in mysterious ways has been fortified.

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