Thursday, October 3, 2013

a semblance of control

So this is how my calendar and daily list look like. The digital ones at least. I have a back up little army of notebooks, notepads, and post-its to cover everything else in-between.

I have this need to see things done. I crave for tangible results. Perhaps that is why I am constantly drawn to creative arts and book writing because the output is very visual. 

I love seeing checkmarks nestled happily into check boxes. Tick marks of time that tell me where my hours went. That is why it can be so depressing to realize that I have spent an hour on social netwroks and nothing really much to show for it, at least nothing that would have honestly improved or enhanced my well-being, not for that whole hour at the end of which I sometimes feel a niggling doubt about the way my own daily life is going.

Anyway, I start on a dayjob work project tomorrow and I am hoping for another pleasant success. It will be tricky and interesting since it will be my first time working in my new nook. 

This is what I really want to do all day: gather inspiration and then transform some of the ideas into actual drawings, paintings, poems, or stories. 

Maybe if I sort through the tedious details of preparation for tomorrow and finish it early enough I might actually have time to do what I really want.

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