Friday, August 16, 2013

A Long Absence and A Party Tonight

Painted my nails a shimmery purple for tonight's party.
I owe this blog a few entries. 

In the past weeks I got sucked into a hell-hole of sorts and I am only now emerging, beaten and bruised and still in the process of patching myself together. 

Basically, there was this very very difficult and painful work project and then somewhere along the way I also had to give up my home.

I will write about that soon enough, possibly simply ripping quotes from my own journal.

Meanwhile there is a party tonight, a reunion. I am going because it is a reunion with people with whom I have spent one of the happiest periods of my life. The Yellow Room days. The Morpheus days. The Witchy days. So many colorful and vibrant chapters of my life were written then.

Hello Sky
This is the view from my window as I write. I will miss this particular corner of sky when I leave this place. But for now the clouds are telling me to be still and silent and patient.

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