Monday, April 22, 2013

Deep Working

1-inch thick single-spaced, font size 10, data documents for reading and interpretation

I have been a hardworking girl for most of yesterday. Got a good amount of work done and making progress even though I am well aware that time has not been on my side. I have barely a week to complete a report before another fieldwork begins and the report for that queues up on my Urgent To Do's.

post-it + pen + highlighters = manual mind-mapping. still so much better than any app.

Hence I declare this week as a full working week, no disturbances or interruptions allowed. No meetings or sneak-aways.

No rewards until I have passed the halfway mark, and then the best rewards saved for last. One of these is the last episode of Sherlock which I haven't watched : Reichenbach Falls.

How do you motivate yourself to keep on moving forward on a must-do task?

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