Thursday, January 24, 2013

out from the dark tunnel

So much better now. Playing catch up with everything.

From days of these,

to this.

Yesterday I got around to cooking myself a proper meal.
A delicious invented pasta recipe of ham, garlic, mushrooms.

In the evening I had roast chicken and made myself a salad.

A lot of things to fix, a desk to clear, matters to update. 

Taking things slowly but surely.
Would not want a relapse, oh no.
That was what happened that was why I was sick for so long.
Stressed myself so much so soon that I fell sick again.
So I am more careful and sensible this time.
Everything at my own good pace,
in my own good time,
listening to my gut-feel and the ever-true urgings of my good heart.

Here's something that flowed out last night.
Something inspired and influenced by the novel I am writing.

Here is a stationery idea for my little business.
I want to inject more art and creativity into my work.
Or else it is in danger of atrophy and a slow bitter death.

How are YOU doing lately?

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