Thursday, June 14, 2012

requesting rewind and restart from the universe

Will be off from blogging for a few more days. My mom has been sick since Monday and at first it seemed like ordinary flu. But at 3AM this morning she has been admitted to the hospital because the symptoms have become unusual and she needed more observation and stronger medicines.

Finances are very tight and this turn of event has been unexpected. At times like these it is a challenge to keep oneself inspired and optimistic but I do my best. I also wish that I could do a rewind and restart on some aspects of my life, like let's say, tweak a few key decisions from when I was just in college to when I was in my first job, and then when I was in my second job. They would certainly ease the feelings of exhaustion and regret that I am feeling right now given the details and realities of my present life.

My sister keeps saying that it helps to think and believe that we are always at the right place at the right time, and that even the worst experiences can truly be heralds of unbelievably better things. Lessons learned are always invaluable and we just really have to keep the faith.

How do you keep the faith through every day's challenge?

"But we can, perhaps, stop and reflect long enough to work out what we really need from our money (and the precious time spent to earn it) and what we want, ultimately and deeply, from life.

Everyone has a different notion of what it means to survive. We are born into a one budget and blossom into another based on the times.

Every act of life is loaded with so much more gear, technology, equipment, and expense.

Restraint. Proportion. Invention. All form a holy trinity to living better, and deeper, without so many of the props."

-Anna Johnson

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  1. Best of luck. Prayers being sent your way. You ladies can do this.