Tuesday, June 19, 2012

catching up with the 30-day drawing challenge

Day 7 : Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is an adaptation of a favorite book, Stardust by Neil Gaiman. My drawing shows the fallen star looking up at the sky, looking at the space where she used to be.

Day 8 : Favorite Animated Character

Calcifer, the lovable grumpy powerful ex-star (yes, I seem to have a fondness for stars, particularly fallen ones), who lives with and serves Howl in his Moving Castle.

Day 9 : Favorite TV Show

I have a strong fondness for crime-solving drama, especially those with geeks in them and women who are not just decoration and who are convincingly tough smart ass-kickers. I also suspect that my own affinity for information processing comes into play as I relate to the roles of the team in the show. I have even once compared my job to that of a CSI, providing useful and valid evidence that would support a business strategy.

Vying for my most favorite are Criminal Minds and CSI Las Vegas. And here I drew a crime scene so both will be represented.

Day 10 : Favorite Candy

Since childhood I have loved cotton candy and even now I still buy it when I encounter a stall selling it. I even give in to the pre-packaged condensed un-fluffy versions sold in the supermarkets. And given another chance I would love to buy the cotton candy maker I once saw at a bazaar where you can drop a hard candy and it will be spun into cotton. My favorite flavor : strawberry.

Day 11 : Turning Point In My Life

No argument here. It was the moment I decided to try it out solo and give up a fat paycheck. Still working at it and still not giving up, although I will admit missing the fat paycheck when the bills come knocking.

I still owe days 12-15 for me to truly catch up. Watch out for those!

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  1. Cotton candy is an AWESOME choice of favorite candy. I was at a bachelorette party in Vermont and we ended up at a maple festival and we had maple flavored cotton candy. It was AWESOME.