Monday, June 4, 2012

beach trip : days 5-7

When my sister arrived in the morning of Sunday, it was the beginning of three days of not doing much except sleep, swim, read, eat, and laze about. We did walk long distances to check out cheaper eating places but most of the time we hanged out in the resort's resto bar and read in between dips into the sea. The resort has its own ladder that leads down into the water straight from the resto bar.

The mornings were perfect for swimming because of the high tide while the afternoons were perfect for exploring the sea floor that becomes exposed during low tide. We also enjoyed the cloudscapes across the wide blue sky every day.

We had to pass this path many times and we did our best not to look down at the water and rocks below. It's a pretty narrow path that curves rather sharply and it leads to the main beach where everyone else would be.

Even now I miss the hours spent in the open air, sea scent enveloping us, a book in my hands, and nothing to worry about.

On our last day we almost gave in to the temptation of extending our stay for one more day. But I had a project waiting to be implemented the day after and I knew I would regret it in the end. So we made the most of our last day, packed our bags, said goodbye to the sea, and promised to return soon.

Where have you been lately?

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  1. Pennsylvania. Louisiana. New York. Connecticut. I should probably try somewhere new soon....