Wednesday, February 8, 2012

learning to eat frogs

From Etsy's Cattitude Creations
My procrastination has gotten out of hand. It has pushed me to download the Kindle sample of that oft-quoted book Eat That Frog and try to see if it can actually help me.

The thing is, I procrastinate just like any other person but for certain activities the symptoms have gotten worse in the past couple of years. The frogs that have been plaguing me mostly had to do with the old life I want to leave. These frogs were responsible for my mild agitation for a brief period during the last Christmas season and these same frogs continue to croak at me now while my new life is taking its sweet time in unfolding. I know, I am being impatient and perhaps even slightly wavering in my faith.

For the meantime, however, I need to eat the frogs until they become mere options for the menu. And I need to eat them FIRST so they are out of the way and I can savor the rest of every day's meal with serenity and satisfaction. It's so difficult for me right now because the mere thought of the frog triggers a whole set of physical, mental, and emotional reactions in me that if people probably knew, they would tell me to just forget about the frog altogether. But I am not that brave yet. I am not yet ready to mess up the kitchen that way. The frog has its uses. Oh, how I wish the frog turned into a prince!


What's your daily frog?

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