Tuesday, January 3, 2012

simple dinner and planning a meal plan

I realized today that I need meal plan. My problem is I tend to miss proper meal times, and worse is when I get too lazy or harassed to prepare a proper one. So I often eat late and not too well. Worst is I totally miss a meal.

Like today, I had oatmeal for breakfast at around 830AM, then I missed lunch in the midst of errands and instead had a light meal of butter and jam sandwiches at around 2PM. I did have dinner on time at 7PM but I only prepared a quick (but delicious!) meal of onion and mushrooms in scrambled eggs eaten with bread.

I am considering what others do which is to cook a week's worth of meals in one day and freeze them and heat them when it's time to eat. Or at least have everything marinated and ready to fry or pop into the oven. The point is to make meal preparation quick and easy and not left to chance (like whatever is left in the refrigerator). If I also know ahead what's to eat and to prepare I can pace my time better.

I am also thinking of good ways to make the kitchen chores be more of a productive ritual than a chore that takes up precious time. Sometimes I am discouraged from going through the whole meal preparation because of the all the washing afterwards. This often happens in the evening when I have already put in a lot of work throughout the day and would sometimes just like to sit down to a nice meal and wind down afterwards without having to be disrupted by dirty dishes.

Any thoughts on efficient meal planning and turning kitchen chores to positive rituals will be appreciated! :)


  1. I started doing a few dishes every time I walk through the kitchen if there's a huge pile in the sink, and eventually they get done, but if I only do one or two at a time I don't really notice.

  2. Hahaha I think I do that too sometimes when the sink looks simply scary!