Sunday, January 15, 2012

bruised and being in some kind of weird but happy mood

Wednesday, fresh from practice 
Saturday, bruise still visible and the rest of it has also come out like a map of tender pain
I'm the 90's mood tonight. Playing a long list of my favorite 90's alternative music.

Kendo was exhausting although we only had an hour of practice (the first hour was spent with demonstrations and a lecture). I have been feeling like I'm coming down with something but I'm doing my best to ignore it.

My glass paints arrived today and I can't wait to use them on the empty glass bottles I have been hoarding for the past month. (Do you know I sometimes pick my extra virgin olive oil based on how nice the bottle is for repurposing later on? heehee) But there's a bit of work to be done for a project with a rather tight schedule so the glass bottles and the glass paints will have to wait a while. *sniff*

I am in that lovely stage of not being in love because it lets me be in love with life itself. I like feeling the whole potential of so many things all at the same time. I am in one huge endless fairy tale where the witches are actually wise women and the princesses look out at me from their towers wishing they could run and jump as freely I could. I, with my rough feet and bruised knees and chore-callused hands, pass by white-horsed handsome princes without a second glance. Instead, I run across the fields of gold, and I throw myself nto the glittering sky.

What do stars do? (quoted from Stardust, movie adaptation of a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman)


  1. Out of curiosity - what's on your 90's alternative play list?

  2. It's a mix of songs, mostly the hits, from Blur, The Verve, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Collective Soul, Stone Temple Pilot, Goo Goo Dolls, Dishwalla, Better Than Ezra, Gin Blossoms -- that sort :D

  3. Hi Mariwitch! I am a fan of the 90s too. Whenever I'm at work, I have a playlist of the 90s song. This helps me through the day without getting bored and a great deal of work done.

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  4. I am hoarding bottles too since forever that my mom almost threw everything away last Christmas coz she thought they were junk! Can't wait to have some free time so I can start decorating my bottles too. ^_^

  5. Hi Febe! Thanks for dropping by! The 90s are my most "modern" favorite era of music :D After the 90s I like mostly old music already and very selected current music. :D

  6. Jen - kasi naman I can imagine gabundok na yung hoard mo! Hahaha!