Sunday, December 4, 2011

a quick post before i go to bed

I practiced kendo yesterday (I realize it's already Sunday) and after three weeks of not practicing at all I was surprised that I didn't do too bad. I will have another post on my burst of thoughts about my practice but for now I would like to share the events after practice.

We received an unexpected invitation to the opening of Japanese noodle restaurant, Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss, co-owned by friends. Free dinner! Which also turned out to be delicious! I ordered the yakisoba and made short work of it. But what was more enjoyable was the laughter that peppered the conversations around the dinner table.

After dinner we didn't feel like going home yet so we went for coffee at Poco Deli and Peter Paul ordered cake which we shared and we had conversations about Sandman, John Constantine, the differences between men and women, people at kendo, graphic novels, and bits and pieces of random stuff.

As I write this post I am listening to a 70s playlist in my iTunes and I am singing along and tapping my feet and I have this excess of energy that is probably the strong Italian coffee plus the endorphins of a good practice. Will need to get this off my system or else I would not be able to sleep!

I will go and read something calming while tucked in bed to help the sleepy energies in taking over. Good night everyone!

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