Wednesday, December 7, 2011

pretty please

I have always had some sort of grudge that shopping online is not a reliable or easy option for someone who lives where I live. Custom taxes will cost double your shopping or things get lost in the post office or post office employees will wrangle a bribe before they release your item. This is especially true if they realize that the items purchased are expensive or valuable.  And this is in addition to the much more expensive shipping costs.

I could also never avail of free shipping promos because my country is never part of that. (iTunes would not even sell songs or TV shows or movies to us.)

Currency conversion also puts me at a disadvantage. A dollar can cost me as much as 50 in my own denomination.

Okay, enough griping. I really started this post to share the bursting in my heart when I saw these pretty, pretty items from Anthropologie. I would have seriously purchased them if not for the above deterrents.

Extra Ingredients Measuring Spoons
Farmer's Egg Crate
Long-term Shakers
Lyna Butter Dish
Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups
Perennial Mini Colander
Farmer's Market Basket

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