Friday, December 30, 2011

redecorating : making more progress

I got a good amount of cleaning, clearing, and redecorating done even with a sore back. I just avoided anything too strenuous and I remembered to do stretches during my breaks.

Today I did portions of the kitchen, dining area, work area, and the bathroom, plus I finished up the entrance area (a semblance of it, at least, since I have a tiny, tiny, studio).

These matchboxes were souvenirs from Beijing given by a friend. I love the cat images and decided to put them on display on the entrance table. The Welcome Home is a fitting message!
I dressed up the side of the refrigerator with light fabric to create the illusion of a wall instead of an appliance. It also effectively separates the kitchen from the entrance way. The flowery plastic container is made of a recycled and repurposed softdrinks bottle, handcrafted by my grandmother. The glass bowl on the left is a gift from another friend and holds an assortment of hard candy. The round decorative piece on the right is a tealight holder, yet another gift.
This recharging station used to be white which had become stained with stubborn dirt. I cleaned and repainted it and is now an attractive piece. This recharging station has been made to order for only Php700, patterned after a similar piece from Pottery Barn.
I covered these shelf doors with an old stock of French Provincial designed giftwrappers. Again another case of putting on display things that would otherwise be hidden and gathering dust and most likely to be forgotten.
The bathroom finally gets its turn. I disposed of anything I haven't used for the past six months. I cleaned my makeup brushes and devised a way to display and organize my flower clips.  Fabric coverings made everything look even more cleaned up and organized, not to mention bright and happy.
This is it. My whole stock and repertoire of personal care products (only a handful not in the photo because they are kept in the shower area). I used to have about three to four times as much when I was younger and used to shop with abandon. At least a quarter of the items here are gifts.
My trinkets. Hair accessories, rings, and earrings. And yes I only have two bottles of perfume. Necklaces are in the closet (which is next in line for redecorating).
I don't think I will get to finish the fixing and redecorating 100% by the time the new year comes along. But it will be a nice thought that the new year came in with most already done. Always looking at the bright side. :)

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