Saturday, December 10, 2011

dressing up

I've been clearing my closet of things I haven't worn for the past six months and I have also acquired a number of new pretty pieces that are fun to play with. I dress up for the bazaar to inspire and encourage customers to invest in nice clothing and to generally encourage fashion choices that are not always according to what is popular. We have a lot of skirts and dresses and frills to provide a refreshing break from the jeans, shorts, and tops that tend to all look alike. We are also promoting a lot of color and patterns.

The headband I'm wearing above is actually a necklace I got from Rose Citron, an Etsy shop in Singapore. The crocheted ring is a practice piece that I made while tending shop. I went to another bazaar after that day and people approached me to ask about my headband and my ring was also noticed. There is always space and place for unique things, even better if handmade and crafted with individuality in mind.

I have never really been a fashionista nor have I ever been really fashion crazy. This movement to be more visible and expressive about what I wear is more of a response to the popular fashions that have been dictating everyone on what should be worn and how. This is about totally jumping off the train filled with racks and racks of identical clothing in the same shades of colors and often only benefiting the young and skinny. This is about finding what really suits you and what really makes you feel pretty and not what you think will make you look pretty. It took me a very long time to come to this and now I am glad I finally did. I have little that is new in my closet, most are vintage or thrifted or customized.

Our small shop also hopes to make a small difference in encouraging the purchase and use of vintage and thrift clothing to help the environment. There are mountains of beautiful outfits out there waiting to take its turn in the limelight of someone's fairy tale once again. Let us find the treasures that will take us to that ball.

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