Wednesday, November 2, 2011

survived a work day

After the long holiday I felt the weight of work descend upon me. I did my accounting updates to be sent to my accountant for a more proper recording. I had bank errands done and was able to avert a potential disaster when the bank immediately credited a check so now I have money for tomorrow's research session.

I prepared all the equipment, charged the cameras, reviewed data, confirmed schedules. I even prepared throat-soothing candies because I will be doing interviews all day.

The whole day I have been in a bit of a daze since I hardly slept last night - my sister slept over because I needed some girl talk about certain stuff and while she helped me process some things we didn't get to sleep.

Mostly we talked about the idea of settling and the idea of how far can one go in pursuing a fairy tale story or a dream. We also talked about the excuses we make for ourselves and it made me think of how we grow less brave as we grow older. Also how we get tired and impatient so easily. Been there, done that. Comfort zones versus stretching the boundaries of our spirit.

Would you go for cozy and nice and safe? Or would you risk a leap into the void?

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